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The Source of Inspiration for a Book

By Mary Kathryn Barbier, Mississippi State University In early December 2020, after a Second World War Research Group, North America meeting, Douglas Bristol sent me an email to remind me that I had agreed to write a blog for the … Continue reading

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The murder of Pfc. Guillen “shocked” military leaders, but it shouldn’t have

By Heather Marie Stur, Ph.D. Sometime during the night as 2020 ended and the New Year began, two U.S. servicewomen died in Texas. Emergency services personnel at Fort Bliss, where 19-year-old Pfc. Asia Graham was stationed, found her unresponsive in … Continue reading

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Who Gets to Be a Soldier?

Editor’s note: This is a combined post by Dale Center fellows Dr. Douglas Bristol and Dr. Heather Stur, who co-edited Integrating the U.S. Military: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation Since World War II. The book was recently published by Johns Hopkins … Continue reading

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“You’ve Come a Long Way … Maybe”: American Women in Combat

by Heather Marie Stur Last week, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter announced that the armed services would open all combat positions to women in anticipation of President Obama’s January 2016 deadline for doing so. What this means, Carter … Continue reading

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Selling a Daughter to Pay for a Leg

by Heather Marie Stur A couple of articles I read recently got me thinking about the long reach of war and how we define casualties. The first is a New York Times article about disabled Afghan veterans struggling against corruption … Continue reading

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The Women of the SOE in History and Culture

by Allison Abra On the south bank of the river Thames, just across the water from the British Parliament building, there is a small monument to the Special Operations Executive. During the Second World War, the SOE was a branch … Continue reading

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